High-efficiency plate frame type filter press

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  High-efficiency plate frame type filter press


Plate frame type filter press is the role of sludge special design of the scattered in nets face cloth paste system form even wet board element, and multi-layer wet close, forming wet board. Structure size is mainly by uniformed, combined jie paper system, forming dewatering system, blanket cleaning system structure, size uniform device is my own development company, paste used specifically to disperse sludge. You know, the components of the sludge complex, which have namely fiber, and contains many packing, there is also a greater particles in water treatment process, because of adding polymerization alumina and polypropylene amine, make its have strong hydrophobicity, easy to gather the dough, general flocculants is difficult to make its cloth plasma dispersion, and I company design cloth paste is thoroughly solved the problem, has extensive adaptability.


This machine is of solid-liquid separation equipment, with good separation result, wide adaptability, especially for the separation of sticky fine materials, has its unique advantages. This company produces the series presses filter machine is a kind of intermittent solid-liquid separation equipment, is by the filter board, filter box (plate frame type) or by filter board (box) constitutes a filter arranged in transporting pump room, under the action of the pressure, will send into each filter material liquid, through the filter medium, room will be solid and liquid separation. Product specifications have 200, 320, 450, 63, 800, 1000, 1250, 1,500 type, filtering area by 0.5 m2 ~ 500m2, filter board structure have plate frame type, van, diaphragm squeezing type; Heat temperature 0 ~ 120 °C, the filtrate outflow means has bright flow, undercurrent, washes, do not wash; Compaction methods are: mechanical pressure, hydraulic pressure, manual pressure, automatic pressure-keeping. After wave pressure from 0.2 ~ 160 Mpa, plate and frame material has cast iron, glass fiber high temperature resistant polypropylene, reinforced polypropylene, stainless steel etc for choice. Welcome customers to choose.


Plate frame type filter press principle of work:
Pressure filter plate frame by filter press filter board, hydraulic system, filter press box, filter board transmission system and electrical system composed of five. Plate frame filter press working principle is simpler, first by hydraulic pressure plate frame the insertion of the silt, precipitation, distribution to the middle into each filter cloth, through the filter medium and between realize firm, liquid separation of the emergence of liquid methods. At present plate frame filter is the realization of pulp solid-liquid separation of mechanical, because it airtight sex good, filtration pressure is high, easy catharsis, strong adaptability to the pulp, and thus it can advantages in water treatment, metallurgy, coal washing, food, medicine, chemical industry, etc widely application.



1).Reinforced polypropylene filter board, filter frame adoption patent technology moulding and become, high intensity, light weight, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistant, avirulent insipidity;
2).Adopts hydraulic pressure, maximum pressure pressure 14MPa, and electricity contact pressure gauge automatic pressure-keeping;
3).Maximum filtering pressure for 0.5 MPa, ensure the best conditions forming filter cake, pressure filtration;
4).Simple operation, convenient maintenance, and is equipped with various safety device, ensure that the operating personnel security.


Plate frame type filter press applicable industry overview:
The machine USES extensive, applicable to all kinds of suspending liquid solid-liquid separation, polypropylene material characteristic of non-toxic, suitable for pharmaceutical, food industries health requirements, the acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistance, especially suitable for corrosion of chemical products of filtering. Use different filter medium, to cover all the industrial field filtering.
Food: sugar, salt, alkali, monosodium glutamate, soya-bean milk, yeast, glucose powder, wheat starch, wheat flour, rice flour, skimmed milk powder, fruit juice, dehydrated vegetables, coarse sugar, pineapple juice, corn starch.
Chemicals: pigments, medicine powder, grease, rubber, plastic, epoxy resin, PVC resin grain, PE powder, vinyl chloride resin, polymerization grains.
Ceramics class: superfine glass powder, fire-proof material, silica sand, spray soil grain, mud, abrasive resistance and meters brick materials, artificial black lead, kaolin, hydrated lime, mica, aluminum oxide, calcium carbonate.
Metallurgical mining: lead powder, zinc powder oxygen, the diamond powder, aluminum and iron powder.
Pollution treatment: wastewater, residues, pigs baked urine, dyeing wastewater.
Other industries: carbon black, light calcium, additives, pearl powder, etc.